Village Darmani

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It takes a village to raise a child.

- Hillary Clinton

At a height of about 4500 feet, 70km from the railhead at Kathgodam, Darmani is a small and sleepy village of a few hundred souls. Untouched by the hustle of modern life, the village was served until recently by only a mountain path, until a small mountain road was constructed to connect the village to Garampani. Today, the occasional jeep ferries the locals to and from Garampani, 10km away.

It is an agrarian society, with farming and dairy the key sources of income for the locals. A rugged simplicity and a non-intrusive friendliness are the hallmarks of the people here, as with other simple hamlets in the Kumaon.
The weather here is far less extreme than other places in the Himalayas . In the winter, although the temperature drops to 0 degrees at night, you can lounge in the sun during the day wearing just a t-shirt. In summer, the temperature goes up to the low 30s in the sun - but the shade is sweet and cool.

When the sky is clear - typically in the winter months between October and March - there are beautiful views of the distant snow-clad Himalayas, especially Mount Trishul and Nanda Devi .

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