Luxury Resort in Nainital


“I sat in my backyard all afternoon and did nothing. Whenever I do nothing I feel I've accomplished a lot.”

― Marty Rubin

We have built our home to ensure that each room has its own view of the valley and the mountains beyond. 
The entire grounds of the property, and the various decks and gardens, are yours to enjoy. A TV and HD satellite dish connection in the family room means you don't have to miss that sports event or serial that you want to watch... When the electricity supply fails (mostly during the day, rarely at night), UPS and dedicated generator power back-up means you can continue to watch TV. Even better, you can relax on the covered patio or on the deck with a nice book. 

We have a Wi-Fi connection in the family room, which uses microwave technology to communicate with the nearest hub in Nainital. The network can be temperamental, though – depending on whether there is power availability at the relay centres in the hills. As a back-up, your Idea, Airtel and Vodafone mobile data connections will work here (3G), as will your Reliance Jio connection, if all else fails… 

In addition, there is a pool table, and a gym below the covered patio - both of which can only be used by those over the age of 15. Please follow this rule.

During your stay, please do keep in mind that while we're delighted to have you as guests, it is a home we have built with love and passion. Please respect and look after it while you enjoy it - as you would your own home!  

Drawing Room

The drawing room is an airy and glass fronted room, which opens on to a covered deck with a commanding view of the mountains beyond. It has an electrically heated floor, which helps to take the nip out of those winter evenings. An open fireplace and a wood-burning cast iron stove help to keep the place toasty and comfortable, and air-conditioning keeps it all nicely chilled if required.

Living Room

A half-level above the drawing room is a large open space which houses the TV, the PC, and the pool table (only for the over-15s). with a couple of skylights, it ensures that it is a well-lit and cheerful area to casually hang out in.

Dining Room

The large dining table seats 10 people at a time - up to 12 if you can all squeeze in! This room, like the others, has large plate glass windows that allow in lots of light, and an unrestricted view of the mountains.

Massage Room

The small cellar just under the family room doubles as a massage room, with a proper massage table for professional massages. A trained therapist can be made available – but you will have to let us know in advance as the therapist will travel from Bhimtal, and will only be able to visit for 3 or more massages a day.


This is a large room with a view of the setting sun, and a small balcony just outside - great for sipping a cup of chai on those cold winter evenings as the sun goes down. The kitchen is connected to the dining room just beyond in an open plan style. It is well kitted out, with a gas-operated kitchen stove, exhaust hood, microwave, and toaster. The staff is adept and can rustle up snacks and refreshments for you at a moment’s notice.


Right below the main deck, the gym has a multi-gym station for a full body workout, a dual adjustable pulley multifunction machine, as well as an electronically controlled exercise bicycle. In addition, there are some free weights and exercise benches – as well as yoga mats for those so inclined…

Domestic Staff / Drivers

Separate accommodation is available for your driver/s and domestic staff, if they travel with you. This is in the main helpers’ quarter, near the main gate to the property.

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