The Tranquility of Junoon In The Hills!

The Tranquility of Junoon In The Hills!

‘Great things are done when men and mountains meet. This is not done by jostling in the street.’ A universal truth presented by William Blake to the world which addressing mountain regions across the globe. Uttarakhand, the most appreciated and visited mountain state in our country is a testimony to this. A unique state in India, Uttarakhand boasts of endless valleys, calm lakes, and extraordinary hospitality. Junoon in the Hills is a perfect example of the extraordinary hospitality offered to travelers from around the world.


Junoon in the Hills is a luxury home stay nestled in the foothills of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. A 6 hours scenic drive from New Delhi, it is the perfect getaway for a relaxing weekend, resting between the scenic mountains of Nainital and Ranikhet.

It is richly embedded in the encompassing scenes of lavish green and charming hills, the silent valley & the sweet scent of the mountain air. Junoon in the Hills welcomes you to the Kumaon region with its traditional hospitality. The homestay offers world-class services and a modern interior coupled with rich furnishing woodwork offering an authentic Kumaon experience. The guests are the utmost priority and are provided with quality occasion experiences which is second to none. With views that ensure a far-reaching display of the mountain trails winding through small villages – considering it an ‘incredible sight’ would be a modest representation of the truth. It is a paradise for travelers looking for a tranquil settlement with spectacular views of the snow-topped mountains in the background.

Junoon in the Hills is also well decked with various services and facilities that enhance the comfort level of the guests. A team of polite and dedicated staff is always present offering the utmost attention and care to the guests. The sprawling grounds of the property, and the different decks and gardens, are yours to appreciate. Though the property offers guests with amenities like a TV and satellite dish to watch your favourite game or series, it is far superior to just unwind on the secured porch or the deck with a nice book. Situated significantly above sea level, the homestay still offers a Wi-Fi connection in the family room using microwave technology to communicate with the nearest hub in Nainital. To top everything, it likewise offers one of a kind in-house traditional Kumaon restaurant for its visitors to appreciate a delicious feast alongside refreshing drinks. Junoon in the Hills has a homely environment, which gives you a vibe of customary extravagance style living in the mountains. The fantasy-like stay you always dreamed of!

A 5-bedroom premium homestay, Junoon in the Hills has much more to offer in terms of entertainment and rewinding such as a pool table, a massage room, and a gym center beneath the secured porch. These facilities aim towards taking the utmost care of the guests in every possible way. There is a trail of activities you can enjoy at the homestay. When visiting for a long end of the week, most guests like to simply remain at home, unwinding and finding one another, playing pool and working out in the gym. A mini-library offering books of various genres is another favourite of guests longing to read a good book amidst the mountains.

Long strolls around the homestay are charming, with some wonderful valley and snow-topped Himalayan views. A visit to the local village can be a life-changing experience for many to witness how content the residents are in their daily lives. For the more adventure-seeking, the twisted mountain trails beckon, through little towns right down to the nearby stream. The staff can assist you with the adventures and organize neighborhood guides if necessary. Staying at Junoon in the Hills, one can also cherish and enjoy the rare species of birds found in the area, such as the Red-vented Bulbul, Himalayan Bulbul, Red-throated Flycatcher, Pied Kingfisher and many more. The staff can also organize cabs to travel nearby in the hills, at reasonable rates.

Junoon in the Hills, arranged amidst the mountains of Kumaon offers the perfect answer for all explorers searching for the genuine slope station experience.

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