Beautiful Ranikhet and its Journey

Beautiful Ranikhet and its Journey

Ranikhet is a wonderful hill station settled in the Almora locale of Uttarakhand, roosted at a height of 1869 meters above ocean level. The town offers a magnificent view of the western peaks of the Himalayas. Ranikhet, which means Queen’s meadow in the Hindi language, gets its name from a local legend. It is said that Raja Sudhardev won the heart of his queen, Rani Padmini in this region who subsequently chose the area for her residence, giving it the name, Ranikhet. 

Ranikhet turns out to be freezing in the winters and stays moderate in summers, and is best appreciated from March to October. Ranikhet gets snowfall in the winter season, basically in the long stretches of December, January, and February. Be that as it may, in the remainder of the months the climate of Ranikhet stays charming and becomes a place where you can relax and lose yourself in the comfortable lap of nature. 

Also known for its golf course, Ranikhet Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses in Asia, located 5 kilometers from the main Ranikhet City. Ranikhet Golf Course is a 9-hole course making it one of the prime attractions of Ranikhet. The green meadow of the golf course at such high altitude is awe-inspiring. The golf club offers membership plans for outsiders as well. The golf course is located in Kalika. 

Another jewel added to the beauty of this town is the “Rani Jheel”. Located near the Nar Singh Stadium, beneath the Veer Naari Awas, it gives the visitors a chance to relax and enjoy fun boat rides. 

Binsar Mahadev is a famous temple in Ranikhet with devotees visiting from many parts of the country. The artistic structure of the Binsar Mahadev Temple and its deity Lord Shiva both offer a soulful and spiritual experience. A beautiful stream flowing close to the temple elevates the natural beauty of this sacred place, also being situated amidst beautiful pine and deodar trees. Apart from the temple, the complex also has an ashram surrounded by lovely cedar forests.                       

Situated 25 km from Ranikhet, is the Katarmal Temple. The historical temple with intricate sculpturing is the second most important temple devoted to the Sun God after the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa. The Katarmal Temple is more than 800 years old. 

Another picturesque spot in the beautiful city of Ranikhet is the Bhalu Dam. It is an artificial small lake blessed with natural bounty, panoramic views of the Himalayan Mountains, and placid surroundings. The small but beautiful garden near the dam further adds to its picturesque beauty. The dam site is open all throughout the year. The views of the massive Himalayan peaks from the Bhalu Dam are enchanting making it an ideal spot for camping and picnic lunches. 

Ranikhet is a unique destination surrounded by misty mountains, numerous temples, beautiful forests, and scenic views. It is on a road less traveled and makes for a perfect post-covid visit while observing natural social distancing.


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